The first time I journalled after Naomi died, I wept like an out of control baby,  but I felt a sense of relief.  I felt like I needed to identify the thoughts, questions and sadness, that were floating around in my head and try to put them in some sort of order.    There is no doubt that there was, and still is, much to process–  and surprisingly putting pen to paper seemed to help.

Maybe there are  no answers to the questions that are floating around in my head.. maybe the answer is simply that bad things happen in this world,  but I don’t want Naomi to have left this earth without leaving her mark on me.  I want to be a better woman, daughter, wife, mother,  Christian,  because of the things God taught me through her.

So, I journal for me.  I journal for Naomi  and maybe I journal a little for you,  the reader.  Because if you can be at all encouraged by anything I may write,  then Naomi will have left her mark on you too.


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